Category: State Wrestling

2021 State Wrestling Results (Placing Matches)

Podium placement is up for grabs here. The Championship, 3rd Place and 5th Place matches are happening now! Follow along here for live results

ClassificationWeight ClassBout #PlaceMatchupResult
2A1061415th PlaceTayton Nelson (Cedaredge) def. Waitley Sharon (Fowler) Major Decision 8-0
2A1201573rd PlaceJoe Zamora (Rocky Ford) def. Eddie Bowman (John Mall)Decision 2-1
2A1261583rd PlaceDezmon Reyes (Rocky Ford) def. Jackson Helmke (Buena Vista)Decision 4-1
2A1321455th PlaceAlex Torres (Las Animas) def. Braden Smith (Yuma)Decision 5-1
2A1451613rd PlaceDavid Gardner (Lyons) def, Tach Brewer (Crowley County) Decision 11-9
2A1601495th PlaceCaeden Bauer (Wray) def. Matthew Mendoza (Swink) Fall 2:22
2A1601633rd Place Kelton Turner (Meeker) def. Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford) Decision 5-0
2A195180ChampionshipColby Clatterbaugh (Meeker) def, Adam Schulz (Crowley County)Fall 3:48
2A2201535th PlaceKevin Tillman (Rocky Ford) def. Tyler Martin (John Mall)Decision 5-4
2A2201673rd PlaceJJ Horn (Fowler) def. Isaac Mantey (Burlington)Fall 2:20
2A2851545th PlacePeyton Froman (Rocky Ford) def. Jasper Smith (Fowler)Fall :56

2021 State Wrestling Results (Consolation Semifinals)

A place on the podium for these wrestlers, just a matter of how high. The Consolation Semifinals start now!

ClassificationWeight ClassBout #MatchupResult
2A106113Dillon Eichner (Mancos) def. Waitley Sharon (Fowler) Fall 2:15
2A120116Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford) def. Daniel Apodaca (Dolores Huerta)Decision 7-0
2A126119Dezmon Reyes (Rocky Ford) def. Damian Lopez (Monte Vista)Decision 4-3
2A132120AJ Robidoux (Cedaredge) def. Alex Torres (Las Animas) Decision 7-4
2A145125Tach Brewer (Crowley County) def. Connor Blunt (Meeker)Decision 8-6
2A160129Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford) def. Matthew Mendoza (Swink)Decision 4-2
2A220137JJ Horn (Fowler) def. Kevin Tillman (Rocky Ford) Decision 7-4
2A285138Derek Sanchez (Cedaredge) def. Jasper Smith (Fowler) Fall :18
2A285139Christian Matus (Hotchkiss) def. Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford) Decision 4-2

2021 State Wrestling Results (1st Round Consolation)

Wrestlers battle for a spot on the podium in this round, its the 1st Round Consolation. Follow along with us here for live results

Classification Weight ClassBout #MatchupResult
3A11388Nicholas Dill (Platte Valley) def. Benny Diego Gonzales (La Junta) Fall 4:47
3A13292Johnathan Malovich (Platte Valley) def. Jeremiah Martinez (La Junta) Fall 2:32
2A14597Tach Brewer (Crowley County) def. Brody Despard (Byers)Fall 4:15
2A15299Wyatt Murphy (Hayden) def. Aidan Holloran (Crowley County) Decision 5-4
2A160101Matthew Mendoza (Swink) def. Michael Gutierrez (Burlington)Decision 5-2
2A220109Kevin Tillman (Rocky Ford) def. Sam Parker (Crowley County) Decision 7-4
2A285110Jasper Smith (Fowler) def. Abram Durbin (Buena Vista)Fall :53

2021 State Wrestling Results (Championship Semifinals)

We’re moving right along here at the Events Center. Next up is the Championship Semifinals. Follow along with us here for live results

ClassificationWeight ClassBout #MatchupResult
2A10657Caleb Camp (Buena Vista) def. Waitley Sharon (Fowler) Tech Fall 18-3 4:18
2A12062Lane Hunsberger (Cedaredge) def. Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford) OT Decision 6-4
2A12663Trey Geyer (Cedaredge) def. Dezmon Reyes (Rocky Ford) Decision 9-2
2A13266Oran Huff (Lyons) def, Alex Torres (Las Animas) Fall 2:33
2A16073Traycer Hall (Hotchkiss) def, Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford) Decision 6-4
2A19579Adam Schulz (Crowley County) vs. Gavin Brown (Akron)Tech Fall 19-2 (5:23)
2A22081Harrison Wade (Wray) def. JJ Horn (Fowler) Major Decision 13-2
2A28583Jose Molina (Wray) def. Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford) Decision 9-7

2021 State Wrestling Results (Quarterfinals)

It’s Here! The 2021 State Wrestling Tournament is upon us, this years event is being held at the Southwest Motors Event Center in Pueblo. Follow along with us here for up to date coverage of the Quarterfinals

ClassificationWeight ClassBout #MatchupResult
2A106lbs2Waitley Sharon (Fowler) def. Tayton Nelson (Cedaredge)Decision 4-3
3A113lbs8Royce Uhrig (Gunnison def. Benny Diego Gonzales (La Junta)Fall 4:56
2A120lbs11Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford) def. Trae Kennedy (Meeker)Fall 3:01
2A126lbs14Dezmon Reyes (Rocky Ford) def. Tyler Frank (Merino)Decision 4-2
3A132lbs17Zach Marrero (Strasburg) def. Jeremiah Martinez (La Junta)Fall :53
2A132lbs18Alex Torres (Las Animas) def. Braden Smith (Yuma)Decision 6-3
2A145lbs27Clint Brown (Peyton) def, Tach Brewer (Crowley County) Decision 2-0
2A152lbs31Adrian Nieto (Cedaredge) def, Aidan Holloran (Crowley County) Fall :31
2A160lbs33Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford) def. Caeden Bauer (Cedaredge)Decision 5-3
2A160lbs35Kelton Turner (Meeker) def. Matthew Mendoza (Swink) Decision 7-2
2A195lbs44Adam Schulz (Crowley County) def. Jory Hoerr (Cedaredge)Fall :55
2A220lbs48JJ Horn (Fowler) def. Christopher Alejandre (Cedaredge) Fall 1:03
2A 220lbs50Isaac Mantey (Burlington) def. Sam Parker (Crowley County)Fall :21
2A220lbs51Anthony Miller (Paonia) def. Kevin Tillman (Rocky Ford) Fall 1:03
2A285lbs52Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford) def. Abram Durbin (Buena Vista)Fall :58
2A285lbs53Jose Molina (Wray) def. Jasper Smith (Fowler) Fall :41