Rocky Ford Meloneers vs. Crowley County Chargers (Boys District 6 Semi-Final #2) PREVIEW

The Boys District 6 Semi-Finals tip-off today at “The Pit”. The action is about to pick up folks, as all four teams look to gain that all important District Championship. District 6 will be facing District 8 next week at the Regional Tournament. So seeding out of this tournament is important.

They say the third time is the charm, could that be true for the Rocky Ford Meloneers tonight as they face the Crowley County Chargers in that magical 3rd game? The Meloneers have been improving throughout the year and look to advance to the District Championship, it will be a tough challenge as the Chargers have had their number in both meetings in the season so far. The match-ups have been close, don’t get me wrong. Only bad thing is one bad quarter can spell the worst, for either team. These are two teams I imagine can make some noise in the State next week at Regionals. As for tonight though, just sit back and enjoy the action. It should be interesting and well worth the price of admission.

These teams have been battling each other all year (although they have only met each other twice) for that #2 seed. Crowley County locked up that seed when they defeated Rocky two weeks ago. Games between theses two never fail to disappoint. Be on the lookout for a high scoring game tonight, as both offenses have been known to put up some points. Or who knows, maybe we will be treated to a low scoring, defensive battle. Which ever way this game goes down, it will be great! “The Pit” should be rocking and packed tonight as this game will be played at 7:30pm. Be sure to get there early and watch the “rubber match” between two of the best teams in the Arkansas Valley.

The teams first met on January 16th, at “Charger Gym” in Crowley County. The Chargers left the home crowd happy as they put the Meloneers away by a score of 42-38. This game was competitive throughout, ultimately being decided at the free-throw line. Crowley got to the line late and made theirs, Rocky got to the line but had a tough time having one fall. The first half was low scoring as both teams were in the “feeling out” process. Neither team was able to break the 10-point mark in either the first two quarters. The Chargers took a 14-11 lead into the halftime break. At halftime, in the locker rooms, someone must have flipped the offense switch to “ON” because both teams turned it up. Crowley put up 15 while Rocky put up 10. The Chargers took a 29-21 lead into the final 8 minutes of play. In the fourth Rocky Ford had outscored Crowley County 17-13 but it wasn’t enough as the Chargers escaped with a 4-point victory. Leading Scorers for the game were: Jonathan Montanez of Rocky Ford with 17 points, and Bradley Clabey of Crowley with 14 points.

In the second meeting between the two, the action was close to, if not better than the first. This time the game was played inside of the “Melon Dome” in Rocky Ford. A game could not be anymore close than this one was between these two. At the final buzzer, Crowley County barely squeaked by with a 52-51 victory, off of a late free throw by Grady Carter. Defense was key in this game for both teams, as it always is between these two. Unlike the first match-up, the points started coming early. Rocky got out to the early 10-6 lead in the first and ended the quarter with a score of 16-14. The second period was much of the same as both teams traded baskets. Free throws had not yet been a factor, as Rocky Ford had yet to make a free throw and Crowley had yet to attempt one. Headed into the half the teams were tied at 26. It was much of the same in the second half as both teams came out firing, one basket after another. The Meloneers outscored the Chargers 15-12 and took a 3 point lead into the final quarter. This game wasn’t decided until the last two minutes so let’s fast forward to there. Rocky was up 3 with two minutes remaining, looking for the upset and the #2 seed. But the Chargers were not about to let that happen. The game was tied with 15.4 seconds on the clock Crowley County drove down the court, looked into the post for Grady Carter who went up and…… fouled. Carter ended up making 1 of 2 from the line and gave the Chargers the 1-point victory and guaranteed them the #2 Seed. Leading Scorers in the game were: Johnathan Montanez of Rocky Ford with 16 points, and Bradley Clabey of Crowley County with 16 points also.


Players to Watch For:

Crowley County–Bradley Clabey & Grady Carter

Rocky Ford–Charlton Amaya & David Trujillo


So if you’re in the area and looking for some great basketball, look no further than McDivitt Center on the campus of Otero Junior College. We have a great night of basketball ahead for you, capped off with this much anticipated match-up of rivals. So come on down and enjoy the evening and some basketball. See you at “The Pit: