Triple R Report’s Game of the Week: Crowley County Chargers @ Rocky Ford Meloneers (Crimson Helmet Game/Santa Fe League Championship)

In quite possibly the biggest game of the year in the Arkansas Valley, Crowley County travels down Highway 71 to Rocky Ford to do battle with the Meloneers. Unlike past years this game means more than just bragging rights. On top of the “Crimson Helmet” Trophy, also up for grabs is: the Santa Fe League Championship & a playoff spot.

Both teams deserve to be in the postseason but, due to RPI playing a factor now, only one probably will. But don’t get me started on that. The Chargers Comes in 14th in RPI while the Meloneers come in 24th. Only League Champions get automatic bids to the postseason. Followed by the next top 8 teams.

With Rocky Ford being so low in RPI I don’t see them getting in the playoffs without a win tonight, with a loss the Meloneers will start Wrestling/Basketball season. Crowley County with a win is in, with a loss they will be cutting it close.

The “Crimson Helmet” series has been owned by Crowley County. The Meloneers have never owned the trophy, nor have the Meloneers scored a game for the trophy. Crowley is outscoring Rocky Ford 197-0. But this year has been a different one than past ones for the Meloneers.

It’s all going to go down in Rocky Ford tonight. Kickoff is set for 7pm, catch all the action on 92.1 FM and Craig and Randy will have the call. But first here’s how each team is faring heading into the game:

Crowley County:

  • (6-1) Overall, (3-0) in Santa Fe League
    • Tied for 1st in Santa Fe League (Rocky Ford)
  • (3-0) in away games
  • (2-1) in games vs. teams above .500
  • Outscoring opponents 254-68
    • Defeated Colorado Springs Christian 32-22
    • Defeated John Mall 20-6
    • Lost to Limon 14-7
    • Defeated Yuma 52-6
    • Defeated Ellicott 48-20
    • Defeated DHPH 49-0
    • Defeated Trinidad 46-0
  • On 4-game winning streak
  • Averaging 53.9 passing yards & 272.7 rushing yards per game
    • Dylan Tuma leads team with 100 carries for 934 yards (9.3 yards per carry)
    • Colton Gruntorad leads team with 8 receptions for 124 yards (15.5 yards per reception)
  • Defense is only allowing 180.3 total yards per game
    • Teams are averaging 97.9 rushing yards
    • Teams are averaging 82.4 passing yards per game
  • Opponents are averaging 9.7 points per game
  • Players to Watch For:
    • Bradley Clabey (Senior)
    • Chris Meyer (Junior)

Rocky Ford:

  • (6-2) Overall, (3-0) in Santa Fe League
    • Tied for 1st in Santa Fe League (Crowley County)
  • (2-1) in home games
  • (1-2) in games vs. teams above .500
  • Outscoring opponents 286-141
    • Defeated Byers 50-6
    • Lost to Limon 21-6
    • Lost to Center 55-52
    • Defeated John Mall 8-0
    • Defeated St. Mary’s 36-9
    • Defeated Trinidad 42-24
    • Defeated DHPH 50-0
    • Defeated Ellicott 42-26
  • Currently on 5-game winning streak
  • Averaging 194.9 passing yards & 190.5 rushing yards per game
    • Diego Reyes leads team with 120 carries for 649 yards (5.4 yards per carry)
    • David Trujillo leads team with 36 receptions for 667 yards (18.5 yards per reception)
  • Defense Is allowing 250.4 total yards per game
    • Teams are averaging 172.6 rushing yards
    • Teams are averaging 77.8 passing yards
  • Opponents are averaging 17.6 points per game
  • Players to Watch For:
    • David Trujillo (Sophomore)
    • Carlos Romo (Junior)

Triple R’s Bold Prediction of the Game:

‘It’ll be a close one all night, both teams want it. It’s going to come down to who wants it more. It is going to take longer than 48 minutes to decide this one. Which means…OVERTIME!”

Triple R’s Game Prediction:

“Chargers defeat Meloneers 30-24 in Overtime.”

Fun Facts/Trivia From the Week:

  • Since 2004, Crowley County has won 7 of the 12 meetings. The longest win streak in that time frame is Crowley County, 5 games (2011-2015) … Rocky’s longest streak in that time frame is 4 games (2005-2008)
  • Since the “Crimson Helmet” Trophy was introduced in 2012, which team has outscored the other and what is the point differential?
    • Crowley County, Rocky Ford has never scored in the “Crimson Helmet Game”. The Chargers have outscored the Meloneer 197-0 in games where the trophy is up for grabs.
  • Since 2004, of the 12 League Championships up for grabs, Crowley County has won 4 (’04, ’11, ’14, ’15). Rocky Ford has won 2 (’05, ’07
  • Since the “Crimson Helmet Game” was introduced in 2012, which team has a higher total yard average and what is the difference in yardage? (Only games between Crowley County & Rocky Ford)
    • Crowley County holds the higher total yard average. They’ve averaged 421 total yards to Rocky’s 68 total yards. That is a difference of 353 yards.

I already know the prediction isn’t going to set well with some people but Rocky has not proved to me they can win when it counts. I hope they prove me wrong tonight. Crowley is just the better team on paper. As we all know though anything can happen in High School sports. This was a tough game to predict, my heart wanted Rocky to win but history just is not on their side. Kickoff from Rocky Ford is at 7pm, catch the action on 92.1 FM and

–Triple R