Crowley County Chargers @ Rocky Ford Meloneer POST-GAME

And that’s a wrap from the “Melon Dome” the Chargers and Meloneers split the two varsity games tonight, Both games were briskly played and the refs allowed them to play. As I stated in the preview, both games were shootouts and came down to the last 2 minutes.

Lets start with the girls game, it was Crowley who jumped out to the early lead, but in the Santa Fe League no one should be considered out till the clock reads :00 in the 4th quarter. The Meloneers stormed back and won by a score of 45-41. Only bad thing for the Meloneers was that the Hoehne Farmers defeated the John Mall Panthers. Meaning Hoehne is the #6 seed, and Rocky is the #7 seed in the upcoming District Play-in Games. Rocky Ford will be hosting John Mall on Thursday evening at the Melon Dome. Other District pairings will be posted when they’re published.

Scoring Recap:

–Crowley County

Taylor Berg: 4

Clara Whitehead*: 12

Annie Brewer: 2

Katie Schwartz: 8

Alex Bauer: 2

Aisha Reed: 7

Unique Froese: 6

–Rocky Ford

Kaylee Soltero; 7

Stephanie Frantz*: 8

Selena Medina: 2

Mireya Trujillo: 2

Savana Stites: 3

Sarae Chavez: 3

Emi Romero: 10

Chantae Rodriguez: 1

Hannah Moore: 5

Feliciti Jaramillo: 4


Now to possibly the reason everyone packed the “Melon Dome” last night. The boy’s action! It was everything everyone hoped it was going to be, well worth the price of admission. The Chargers got off to a fast start gaining the early lead on the Meloneers, never count Rocky Ford out of a game though! The Meloneers stormed back and the ballgame was tied heading in to the half at 26. Scoring was pretty even in the third period with Rocky Ford taking a 3 point lead into the fourth quarter. They exploded out of the gate, and took a BIG 8 point lead with  5 minutes remaining. But as i stated in the Preview, the game came down to the free throw line. A late foul with 3.8 left on the clock sent Grady Carter to the line and he made 1 of 2. Thus giving the Chargers a 52-51 victory. Earning the Chargers the #2 seed and giving the Meloneers the #3.

Crowley County will host John Mall in the District 6 Pigtail game on Monday , while Rocky Ford will host Fowler also on Monday. The two winners wil then advance to the District 6 Tournament, next Thursday and Friday at Otero Junior College.

Be ready Santa Fe League Basketball fans, we’re in for a good one at the District 6 Tournament!

Scoring Recap:

–Crowley County

Kaleb Bandimere: 5

Bradley Clabey*: 16

Raymundo Suarez: 3

Bryce Buhr: 12

Hayden Carter: 11

Grady Carter: 5

–Rocky Ford

Jonathan Montanez*: 16

Estevan Rodriguez: 2

David Trujillo: 3

Charlton Amaya: 7

Christopher Gonzalez: 7

Derrick Lucero: 4

Dalton Davis: 3

Brian Preston: 5

Dominic Juardo: 4


*=SECOM Player of the Game

Be on the lookout for updates this week, as i travel to cover the State Wrestling Championships!