Triple R Report’s Game(s) of the Day September 23rd, 2016: St. Mary’s Pirates @ Rocky Ford Meloneers *Homecoming* (CHSAA Class 1A Football)

It’s homecoming time once again! This time it’s the Rocky Ford Meloneers turn, they’ll be playing hosts to St. Mary’s tonight at 7. Rocky Ford narrowly escaped with a victory against the John Mall Panthers last week when they won 8-0. The Meloneers look to continue their winning ways tonight. St. Mary’s moves down to 1A after playing last year in the 2A Tri-Peaks League. They’ll be looking to spoil Rocky’s night tonight. Here’s how each team stacks up:

St. Mary’s Pirates:

  • (0-3) Overall in 2016, have yet to play a league game
    • 6th in 1A Tri-Peaks League
    • Lost to Manitou Springs 43-0
    • Lost to Burlington 49-14
    • Lost to Florence 42-0
  • Currently ranked 35th in Class 1A Football
  • Averaging 67 passing yards per game & 31.7 rushing yards per game
    • Charles Gloumeau leads team with 28 carries for 47 yards (1.7 yards per carry)
    • Chance Podoll leads team with 3 receptions for 100 yards (33.3 yards per reception)
  • Players to Watch For:
    • Camden Raedel (Junior)
    • Chance Podoll (Senior)

Rocky FOrd Meloneers:

  • (2-2) Overall in 2016, have yet to play a league game
    • 3rd in 1A Santa Fe League
      • Behind Ellicott (2nd) & Crowley County (1st)
    • Defeated Byers 50-6
    • Lost to Limon 21-6
    • Lost to Center 55-52
    • Defeated John Mall 8-0
  • Currently ranked 19th in Class 1A Football
  • Averaging 173.5 passing yards per game & 147.8 rushing yards per game
    • Diego Reyes leads team with 60 carries for 301 yards (5.0 yards per carry)
    • David Trujillo leads team with 17 receptions for 266 yards (15.6 yards per reception)
  • Players to Watch For:
    • David Trujillo (Sophomore)
    • Jacob Rodriguez (Senior)

Triple R’s Bold Prediction of the Game:

“Rocky Ford has not won a homecoming game in 4 years, it’s been a tough stretch for the Meloneers. I should know I was in school for 1 of them. It pains me to say that I think this trend will continue tonight. As of now Rocky Ford has yet to prove to me that they can win when it counts.”

Triple R’s Game PRediction:

“Being a Meloneer myself it makes it hard to make this prediction but, the Pirates defeat the Meloneers 28-14.”

Stay tuned we still have the top matchup in the state to preview tonight. The La Junta Tigers host Kent Denver.