Triple R Report’s Game(s) of the Day September 20th, 2016: Lamar Savages vs. Rocky Ford Meloneers (CHSAA Class 3A Softball)

Rocky Ford fans finally have something to cheer about again as their football team won a close 8-0 game over the John Mall Panthers last Friday. Their preview for this weeks homecoming matchup will come on Friday, as for now we’re going to highlight the Lady Meloneer softball team as they are ranked #2 in the latest poll. Of course their only behind 3A Softball powerhouse Strasburg, whom the Meloneers likely won’t see until the State Championships. Game one of todays “Game(s) of the Day” features the Meloneers hosting the Lamar Lady Savages in a crucial Tri-Peaks league game. Here’s each teams breakdown:

Lamar Savages:

  • Comes in at (9-4) Overall & (6-0) in Tri-Peaks League
    • Currently tied for 1st
      • Tied with Rocky Ford
  • Went (3-0) last week
    • Defeated Burlington 9-4
    • Defeated La Junta 11-6
    • Defeated St. Mary’s 19-8 (5 innings)
  • Currently ranked 4th in Class 3A softball
  • Currently on a 7-game winning streak
  • Players to Watch For:
    • Alexa Comstock (Junior)
    • Brianna Jara (Senior)


Rocky Ford Meloneers:

  • Comes in (12-1) Overall & (6-0) in Tri-Peaks League
    • Currently tied for 1st
      • Tied with Lamar
  • Went 2-0 last week
    • Defeated Florence twice in Double Header (14-0, 20-0)
  • Currently ranked 2nd in Class 3A Softball
    • Received 2 First-Place votes
  • Currently on 9-game winning streak
  • Players to Watch For:
    • Selena Medina (Senior)
    • Ashley Jaramillo (Junior)

Triple R’s Bold Prediction of the Game:

“Rocky Ford and Lamar are going to be in a fight until the end with Rocky Ford coming out on top. Don’t expect a lot of offense in the game, it’ll be low scoring.”

Triple R’s Game Prediction:

“Meloneers defeat Savages 4-2.”

It’s a game of winning streaks and bragging rights as this is the only sport where both teams are in the same league. The winner also gains control of the league and gets the upperhand. Rocky Ford vs. Lamar gets underway at 4pm from Babcock Park in Rocky Ford. Can’t make the game don’t worry our friend from Lamar at KLMR have you covered. Tune into 920AM or, pregame gets underway at 3:40pm. This game will be nothing short of amazing.