A Cinderella “Story” in the Making

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 5 days, you know that “Baseball Is Back”, which means the Colorado Rockies are once again hoping to make a run deep into October. This year they may have found the guy to help them do it. If you don’t know his name by now make sure you take notice of it. The kid is named Trevor Story, and he’s already breaking records…oh did I mention he’s only played in 4 Major League games?


Trevor has made a name for himself in the Majors, most of it being done after just the opening series with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Story went 4-for-14 with an average of .286. You may look at that like “oh, he only has four hits, what’s so special about him?” Those four “little” hits happen to be home-runs. That’s right the kid hit four homers in three games. Two of those came on his Major League debut. Now when the Baseball Hall of Fame asks for your batting helmet and gloves then you know you’ve done something special! For the records Story has set, they include: 1st player to have an Opening Day Debut and hit 2 HR’s, became the 2nd player (since 1900) with 3 HR’s in first 2 career games, 1st player since 1889 to follow a 2 HR debut with a home run in the second game. Story also joins a guy you may know by the name of Todd Helton as the only Rockies to homer in their first two Major League games.


So Major League Baseball and baseball fans especially take note of the kid named Trevor Story, he’s going to do some great things for the Colorado Rockies. This may just be a hunch but I don’t think this kid is quite done writing his “Story”