Author: Randy Ray Robinson

1A Volleyball Postseason Schedules

Postseason Volleyball is here. As long as an Arkansas Valley 1A team is in it you can find the schedule for their tournament here:


District 2:

*NOTE: Both teams in Championship game advance to Regional Tournament. Winner of Third Place game advances as well.*

First Round: Friday October 27th (Lamar Community Building)

Pool A:

Game 1: #1 Kit Carson Lady Wildcats vs. #6 Granada Lady Bobcats: 3-0 (25-7, 25-6, 25-9)

Game 2: #4 Cheyenne Wells Lady Tigers vs. # 6 Granada Lady Bobcats: 3-0 (25-16, 25-9, 25-10)

Game 3: #1 Kit Carson Lady Wildcats vs. #4 Cheyenne Wells Lady Tigers: 3-0 (25-13, 25-6, 25-14)

Pool B:

Game 1: #2 McClave Lady Cardinals vs. #5 Cheraw Lady Wolverines: 3-0 (25-19, 25-10, 25-12)

Game 2: #3 Eads Lady Eagles vs. #5 Cheraw Lady Wolverines: 3-2 (25-18, 16-25, 17-25, 25-9, 15-8)

Game 3: #2 McClave Lady Cardinals vs. #3 Eads Lady Eagles: 3-1 (20-25, 25-22, 25-18, 25-17)

Championship Round: Friday October 27th (Lamar Community Building)

Championship: #1 Kit Carson Lady Wildcats vs. #2 McClave Lady Cardinals: 3-0 (25-6, 25-14, 25-12)

Third Place: #4 Cheyenne Wells Lady Tigers vs. #3 Eads Lady Eagles: 3-2 (25-21, 25-20, 18-25, 26-28, 15-11)

*REGIONAL QUALIFIERS: #1 Kit Carson Lady Wildcats, #2 McClave Lady Cardinals, #4 Cheyenne Wells Lady Tigers*

District 6:

*NOTE: Top 3 teams in Championship Round advance to Regional Tournaments next week.*

Pigtail Game: Monday October 23rd (Higher Seed Hosts)

Game 1: #8 Manzanola Lady Bobcats def. #9 Mountain Valley Lady Indians: 3-0 (25-23, 25-15, 25-20)

First Round: Tuesday October 24th (Higher Seed Hosts)

Game 2: #1 La Veta Lady Redskins def. #8 Manzanola Lady Bobcats: 3-0 (25-13, 25-3, 25-14)

Game 3: #2 Sangre de Cristo Lady Thunderbirds def. #7 Primero Lady Bulldogs: 3-0 (25-7, 25-15, 25-16)

Game 4: #3 Creede Lady Miners def. #6 Centennial Lady Rams: 3-0 (25-21, 25-18, 25-15)

Game 5: #4 Cotopaxi Lady Pirates def. #5 Sierra Grande Lady Panthers: 3-1 (25-17, 25-16, 22-25, 25-16)

Championship Round: Saturday October 28th (Sangre de Cristo HS)

Game 6: #2 Sangre de Cristo Lady Thunderbirds vs. #3 Creede Lady Miners: 3-2 (26-24, 23-25, 27-25, 24-26, 15-10)

Game 7: #1 La Veta Lady Redskins vs. #4 Cotopaxi Lady Pirates: 3-0 (25-17, 25-14, 25-22)

Game 8: #2 Sangre de Cristo Lady Thunderbirds vs.  #4 Cotopaxi Lady Pirates: 3-0 (25-23, 25-14, 25-12)

Game 9: #1 La Veta Lady Redskins vs. #3 Creede Lady Miners: 3-0 (25-11, 25-22, 25-19)

Game 10: #3 Creede Lady Miners vs. #4 Cotopaxi Lady Pirates: 3-1 (25-17, 22-25, 25-21, 26-24)

Game 11: #1 La Veta Lady Redskins vs. #2 Sangre de Cristo Lady Thunderbirds: 3-0 (25-17, 25-18, 25-17)

*REGIONAL QUALIFIERS: #1 La Veta Lady Redskins, #2 Sangre de Cristo Lady Thunderbirds, #3 Creede Lady Miners*

3A Softball State Championship Schedule

Its here. The Rocky Ford Meloneers look to defend their 2016 Class 3A State Softball title, they enter #10. La Junta enters #6 after winning the Region 6 Tournament. Here is the schedule for this weekend up in Aurora:

*NOTE: All games played at Aurora Sports Complex, single elimination format. First Round through Semi-Finals will be played at Complex A. Championship game is at Complex B.*


Friday October 20th:

First Round

Game 1: #1 Brush Lady Beetdiggers vs. #16 Fort Lupton Lady Blue Devils: 16-5

Game 2: #8 Weld Central Lady Rebels vs. #9 University Lady Bulldogs: 14-9

Game 3: #4 Lamar Lady Savages vs. #13 Sterling Lady Tigers: 12-4

Game 4: #5 Faith Christian Lady Eagles vs. #12 Limon Lady Badgers: 11-1

Game 5: #3 Strasburg Lady Indians vs. #14 Delta Lady Panthers: 13-3

Game 6: #6 La Junta Lady Tigers vs. #11 St. Mary’s Lady Pirates: 13-3

Game 7: #2 Eaton Lady Reds vs. #15 Valley Lady Vikings: 7-3

Game 8: #7 Meeker Cowgirls vs. #10 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers: 7-6


Game 9: #1 Brush Lady Beetdiggers vs. #9 University Lady Bulldogs: 8-4

Game 10: #13 Sterling Lady Tigers vs. #5 Faith Christian Lady Eagles: 9-8

Game 11: #3 Strasburg Lady Indians vs. #6 La Junta Lady Tigers: 2-0

Game 12: #2 Eaton Lady Reds vs. #10 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers: 8-0

Saturday October 21st:


Game 13: #1 Brush Lady Beetdiggers vs. #5 Faith Christian Lady Eagles: 14-4

Game 14: #3 Strasburg Lady Indians vs. #2 Eaton Lady Reds: 10-9


Game 15: #1 Brush Lady Beetdiggers vs. #3 Strasburg Lady Indians: 10-2

3A Softball Regional Schedules

Regional Softball is this weekend, La Junta received a #6 seed. Even with the high seed the Tigers will have to travel to Limon as the #11 Lady Badgers won their district, thus allowing them to host. Rocky Ford received a #7 seed and will host Region 7 in Rocky Ford. Here are the schedules for all 8 Regional Tournaments.

*NOTE: Top two teams from each region qualify for State Tournament next weekend in Aurora. Regional Champions are guaranteed a Top-8 seed at State, seeded by RPI. Regional Runner-ups get bottom 8 seeds, seeded based off RPI.*

*NOTE: Game 4 in each region only played if higher seed loses Game 3.*


Region 1:

Host: Brush

Game 1: #1 Brush Lady Beetdiggers: BYE

Game 2: #16 Valley Lady Vikings vs. #17 Cedaredge Lady Bruins: 11-9
Game 3: #1 Brush Lady Beetdiggers vs. #16 Valley Lady Vikings: 8-4
State Qualifiers:
1) #1 Brush Lady Beetdiggers (Regional Champion)
2) #16 Valley Lady Vikings (Regional Runner-up)


Region 2:

Host: Eaton

Game 1: #2 Eaton Reds: BYE

Game 2: #15 Basalt Lady Longhorns vs. #18 Fort Lupton Lady Blue Devils: 14-5
Game 3: #2 Eaton Lady Reds vs. #18 Fort Lupton Lady Blue Devils: 18-3
State Qualifiers:
1) #2 Eaton Lady Reds (Regional Champion)
2) #18 Fort Lupton Lady Blue Devils (Regional Runner-up)


Region 3:

Host: Strasburg

Game 1: #3 Strasburg Lady Indians: BYE

Game 2: #14 Sterling Lady Tigers vs. #19 Montezuma-Cortez Lady Panthers: 11-1
Game 3: #3 Strasburg Lady Indians vs. #14 Sterling Lady Tigers : 4-3
State Qualifiers:
1) #3 Strasburg Lady Indians (Regional Champion)
2) #14 Sterling Lady Tigers (Regional (Runner-up)


Region 4:

Host: Lamar

Game 1: #4 Lamar Lady Savages: BYE

Game 2: #13 Delta Lady Panthers vs. #20 Lyons Lady Lions: 10-4
Game 3: #4 Lamar Lady Savages vs. #13 Delta Lady Panthers: 18-9
State Qualifiers:
1) #4 Lamar Lady Savages (Regional Champion)
2) #13 Delta Lady Panthers (Regional Runner-up)


Region 5:

Host: Faith Christian

Game 1: #5 Faith Christian Lady Eagles: BYE

Game 2: #12 St. Mary's Lady Pirates vs. #21 Burlington Lady Cougars: 10-0
Game 3: #5 Faith Christian Lady Eagles vs. #12 St. Mary's Lady Pirates: 3-2
State Qualifiers:
1) #5 Faith Christian Lady Eagles (Regional Champion)
2) #12 St. Mary's Lady Pirates (Regional Runner-up)


Region 6:

Host: Limon

Game 1: #6 La Junta Lady Tigers: BYE

Game 2: #11 Limon Lady Badgers vs. #22 The Academy Lady Wildcats: 20-4
Game 3: #6 La Junta Lady Tigers vs. #11 Limon Lady Badgers: 10-3
State Qualifiers:
1) #6 La Junta Lady Tigers (Regional Champion)
2) #11 Limon Lady Badgers (Regional Runner-up)


Region 7:

Host: Rocky Ford

Game 1: #7 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers: BYE

Game 2: #10 Weld Central Lady Rebels vs. #23 Florence Lady Huskies: 12-2
Game 3: #7 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers vs. #10 Weld Central Lady Rebels: 9-3
“If” Game (Only Played if Rocky Ford Loses Game 3):
Game 4: #7 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers vs. #23 Florence Lady Huskies: 11-1
State Qualifiers:
1) #10 Weld Central Lady Rebels (Regional Champion)
2) #7 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers (Regional Runner-up)


Region 8:

Host: Meeker

Game 1: #8 University Lady Bulldogs: BYE

Game 2: #9 Meeker Cowgirls vs. #24 Sheridan Lady Rams: 16-1
Game 3: #8 University Lady Bulldogs vs. #9 Meeker Cowgirls: 19-2
“If” Game (Only Played if University Loses Game 3):
Game 4: #8 University Lady Bulldogs vs. #24 Sheridan Lady Rams: 2:30pm
State Qualifiers:
1) #9 Meeker Cowgirls (Regional Champion)
2) #8 University Bulldogs (Regional Runner-up)

#ArkValleyPreps Schedule (10/2-10/8)

Football season is heating up as it’s Week 2 of league play for 8-Man though 2A in the Arkansas Valley. Softball wraps up this week as Regionals is next weekend. Volleyball begins to wind down as league races are beginning to pick up. Here is this week’s sports schedule:


Tuesday October 3rd:


-Cheraw Lady Wolverines @ Genoa-Hugo/Karval Pirates (1A Non-Conference): 3-1
-Manzanola Lady Bobcats @ Edison Lady Eagles (1A Non-Conference): 3-0
-Las Animas Lady Trojans @ Fowler Lady Grizzlies (2A Santa Fe): 3-1
-Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers @ #4 Hoehne Lady Farmers (2A Santa Fe): 3-0
-#5 Swink Lady Lions @ Crowley County Lady Chargers (2A Santa Fe): 3-0
-Colorado Springs Christian School Lady Lions @ La Junta Lady Tigers (3A Tri-Peaks): 3-0


-#4 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers @ #10 La Junta Lady Tigers (3A District 2): 6-5


Thursday October 5th:


-Crowley County Lady Chargers @ Fowler Lady Grizzlies (2A Santa Fe): 3-0
-#4 Hoehne Lady Farmers @ Las Animas Lady Trojans (2A Santa Fe): 3-0
-#5 Swink Lady Lions @ John Mall Lady Panthers (2A Santa Fe): 3-2


-#5 Lamar Lady Savages @ #4 Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers (3A District 2): 11-8
-Burlington Lady Cougars @ #10 La Junta Lady Tigers (3A Non-Conference): 5-4


Friday October 6th:


-Antonito Lady Trojans @ Manzanola Lady Bobcats (1A District 6): TBA


-Deer Trail Eagles @ Cheraw Wolverines (A-6 Non-Conference): Cheraw Forfeits
-#5 Hoehne Farmers @ #7 Fowler Grizzlies (A-8 Southern): 34-28 OT
-Las Animas Trojans @ Wiley Panthers(A-8 Southeast): 47-20
-Rocky Ford Meloneers @ Trinidad Miners (1A Santa Fe): 20-7
-#4 La Junta Tigers @ Manitou Springs Mustangs (2A Tri-Peaks): 45-14


Saturday October 7th:


-Manzanola Lady Bobcats vs. #4 Holly Lady Wildcats (McClave Tournament): 2-0
-#5 Swink Lady Lions vs. (1A) #10 Eads Eagles: 3-0
-Las Animas Lady Trojans @ Trinidad Lady Miners (1A/2A Non-Conference): 3-1
-Manzanola Lady Bobcats vs. Walsh Lady Eagles (McClave Tournament): 2-0
-#5 Swink Lady Lions vs. Sangre de Cristo Lady Thunderbirds: 3-1
-Manzanola Lady Bobcats vs. Granada Lady Bobcats (McClave Tournament): 2-1
-Swallows Charter Academy Lady Spartans @ Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers (2A Santa Fe): 3-0
-La Junta Lady Tigers @ Salida Lady Spartans (2A Tri-Peaks): 3-1
-#5 Swink Lady Lions vs. Springfield Lady Longhorns: 3-2


-Swink Lions @ Custer County Bobcats (A-8 Southern): 42-32


Playoff Baseball Is Here!

It’s May, Graduation is right around the corner but first its time for playoff baseball. For all schedules throughout the postseason, look now further. As long as an Arkansas Valley team is involved we’ll be following. Here are the schedules:

2A District 6

Play-in Game (Higher Seed Hosts)

Monday May 8th:

#6 Las Animas Trojans vs. #7 John Mall Panthers: 11-1

Quarterfinals (Higher Seed Hosts)

Game 1: #1 County Line Rivals (BYE)
Game 3: #2 Rocky Ford Meloneers (BYE)

Wednesday May 10th:

Game 4: #3 Swink Lions vs. #6 Las Animas Trojans (Game in Las Animas, Swink is Home): 3-1

Thursday May 11th:

Game 2: #4 Crowley County Chargers vs. #5 Fowler Grizzlies (Game in Pueblo, Crowley County is Home): 8-4

Semifinals/Championship (County Line Hosts)

Saturday May 13th:

Game 5 (Semifinal #1): #1 County Line Rivals vs. #5 Fowler Grizzlies: 10-3
Game 6 (Semifinal #2): #2 Rocky Ford Meloneers vs. #3 Swink Lions3-1
Game 7 (Championship): #1 County Line Rivals vs. #2 Rocky Ford Meloneers10-6


2A REgionals/State

First Round *REgional Semifinals*                    (Runyon Complex Hobbs/Andenuccio Fields)

Friday May 19th:

Game 1 (First Round): #1 Paonia Eagles vs. #16 Sargent Farmers (Hobbs Field): 12-2
Game 2 (First Round): #4 County Line Rivals vs. #13 Evangelical Christian Eagles (Andenuccio Field): 6-2
Game 3 (First Round): #8 Hotchkiss Bulldogs vs. #9 Dayspring Christian Academy Eagles (Hobbs Field): 4-2
Game 4 (First Round): #5 Burlington Cougars vs. #12 Yuma Indians (Andenuccio Field): 3-1

Saturday May 20th:

Game 7 (First Round): #3 Sedgwick County Cougars vs. #14 Front Range Christian Falcons (Andenuccio Field): 8-6
Game 8 (First Round): #2 Peyton Panthers vs. #11 Limon Badgers (Hobbs Field): 1-0
Game 9 (First Round): #6 Holyoke Dragons vs. #11 Rocky Ford Meloneers (Andenuccio Field): 10-1
Game 10 (First Round): #7 Haxtun Bulldogs vs. #10 Lyons Lions (Hobbs Field): 5-1

Quarterfinals *REgional Championship*           (Runyon Complex Hobbs/Andenuccio Fields)

Friday May 19th:

Game 5 (Quarterfinal #1): #1 Paonia Eagles vs. #8 Hotchkiss Bulldogs(Hobbs Field): 1-0
Game 6 (Quarterfinal #2): #4 County Line Rivals vs. #5 Burlington Cougars  (Andenuccio Field): 6-5

Saturday may 20th:

Game 11 (Quarterfinal #3): #2 Peyton Panthers vs. #10 Lyons Lions (Hobbs Field): 8-2
Game 12 (Quarterfinal #4): #14 Front Range Christian Falcons vs. #11 Rocky Ford Meloneers (Andenuccio Field): 10-1

State Semifinals                                                        (Runyon Complex Hobbs Field)

Saturday May 27th:

Game 13 (Semifinal #1): #1 Paonia Eagles vs. #4 County Line Rivals (Hobbs Field): 9:00am
Game 14 (Semifinal #2): #10 Lyons Lions vs. #11 Rocky Ford Meloneers (Hobbs Field): 12:00pm

State Championship                                                 (Runyon COmplex Hobbs Field)

Saturday May 27th:

Game 15 (Championship): Winner Game 13 vs. Winner Game 15 (Hobbs Field): 2:30pm


3A Region 3:

SemiFinals/Championship (LA Junta Hosts)

Saturday May 13th:

Game 1(Semifinal #1): #1 La Junta Tigers vs. #4 Jefferson Academy Jaguars4-0
Game 2 (Semifinal #2): #2 Gunnison Cowboys vs. #3 Weld Central Rebels1-7
Game 3 (Championship): #1 La Junta Tigers vs. #3 Weld Central Rebels: 2-1


3A State

first Round/winner’s bracket Second Round           (Butch Butler Field/Niwot High School)

Friday May 19th:

Game 1 (First Round): #1 Lamar Savages vs. #8 Colorado Academy Mustangs (Butch Butler): 7-6
Game 2 (First Round): #2 Eaton Reds vs. #7 Salida Spartans (Silver Creek High School): 7-3
Game 3 (First Round): #4 La Junta Tigers vs. #5 Peak to Peak Pumas (Butch Butler): 5-4
Game 4 (First Round): #3 Faith Christian Eagles vs. #6 Valley Vikings (Silver Creek High School): 2-1
Game 5 (Champ. Qtr-Final #1): #8 Colorado Academy Mustangs vs. #5 Peak to Peak Pumas (Butch Butler): 10-0
Game 6 (Champ. Qtr-Final #2): #2 Eaton Reds vs. #6 Valley Vikings (Silver Creek High School): 15-12

Loser’s Bracket First Round & Quarterfinals           (Butch Butler Field/Niwot High SChool)

Saturday May 20th:

Game 7 (Loser First Round): #1 Lamar Savages vs. #4 La Junta Tigers (Silver Creek High School): 1-0
Game 8 (Loser First Round): #7 Salida Spartans vs. #3 Faith Christian Eagles (Butch Butler): 10-0
Game 9 (Loser Quarterfinal #1): #2 Eaton Reds vs. #4 La Junta Tigers (Silver Creek High School): 12:30pm
Game 10 (Loser Quarterfinal #2): #5 Peak to Peak Pumas vs. Faith Christian Eagles (Butch Butler): 12:30pm
Game 11 (Winner Quarterfinal): #8 Colorado Academy Mustangs vs. #6 Valley Vikings (Butch Butler): 3:00pm

State Semifinals                                                                        (BUtch Butler Field)

Friday May 26th:

Game 12 (Semifinal #1): Winner Game 11 vs. Winner Game 9 (Butch Butler): 12:00pm
Game 13 (Semifinal #2): Winner Game 10 vs. Loser Game 11 (Butch Butler): 2:30pm

State Championship                                                                  (BUtch Butler Field)

Saturday May 27th:

Game 14 (Championship): Winner Game 12 vs. Winner Game 13 (Butch Butler): 10:00am
Game 15 (Championship IF Game): Winner Game 14 vs. Loser Game 14 *If 1st Loss* (Butch Butler): 12:30pm

Arkansas Valley Baseball Schedule April 3rd-April 8th

We’re one month into the prep baseball season, and league schedules begin to take precedent. We’re in the second week of our league schedules. It’s still early in the season but teams are beginning to pull away. But any given team can win on any given day and anything is possible in high school baseball. Here is this weeks schedule:


Monday April 3rd:

County Line Rivals @ Fowler Grizzlies (2A Santa Fe League): 9-5
County Line Rivals @ Fowler Grizzlies (2A Santa Fe League): 13-0

Tuesday April 4th:

Crowley County Chargers @ Genoa-Hugo Pirates (1A/2A Non-Conference): 4:00pm

Cheyenne Wells Tigers @ Las Animas Trojans (1A/2A Non-Conference): 4:00pm

Friday April 7th:

Highland Huskies vs. La Junta Tigers (Northern Colorado Tournament): 1:30pm

Granada Bobcats @ Manzanola Bobcats (1A Non-Conference): 3:00pm

TBA vs. La Junta Tigers (Northern Colorado Tournament): 3:00pm

Granada Bobcats vs. Manzanola Bobcats (1A Non-Conference): 5:00pm

Saturday April 8th:

County Line Rivals @ Swink Lions (2A Santa Fe League): 10:00am

Crowley County Chargers @ Fowler Grizzlies (2A Santa Fe League): 10:00am

Las Animas Trojans @ Rocky Ford Meloneers (2A Santa Fe League): 10:00am

County Line Rivals @ Swink Lions (2A Santa Fe League): 12:00pm

Crowley County Chargers @ Fowler Grizzlies (2A Santa Fe League): 12:30pm

Las Animas Trojans @ Rocky Ford Meloneers (2A Santa Fe League): 12:30pm

TBA vs. La Junta Tigers (Northern Colorado Tournament): 1:00pm


Tigers Host Hampton Inn Baseball Classic This Weekend!

The La Junta Tigers have won two games in the early prep baseball season. They have a chance to win two more as they host the annual Hampton Inn Baseball Classic. The tournament field features five 3A teams, including Tri-Peaks rival Lamar. Also coming down to the Arkansas Valley are three 4A teams. The field has a combined 22-8 record, and features three undefeated teams. Needless to say, this tournament is going to be a good one. Here is the schedule:


Saturday MArch 25th:

Game 1: Weld Central Rebels vs. La Junta Tigers *22nd Street Park*: 7-4

Game 2: Lamar Savages vs. Valley Vikings *Potter Park*: 13-4

Game 3: Gunnison Cowboys vs. University Bulldogs *22nd Street Park*: 9-0

Game 4: Vista Peak Bison vs. Fort Morgan Mustangs *Potter Park*: 13-12

Game 5: Weld Central Rebels vs. Gunnison Cowboys *22nd Street Park*: 11-1 (5 innings)

Game 6: Valley Vikings vs. Vista Peak Bison *Potter Park*: 11-6

Game 7: La Junta Tigers vs. University Bulldogs *22nd Street Park*: 2-0

Game 8: Lamar Savages vs. Fort Morgan Mustangs *Potter Park*: 4-3 (8 innings)

See ya in La Junta on Saturday!

–Triple R

Going Dancing…Again! Swink Qualifies For Second Straight State Tournament


Let me take you back to the last time the Swink Lady Lions lost a basketball game. Well for one it was 2016. It also wasn’t 70 degrees outside. And that white stuff was falling from the sky That’s because the last time Swink lost a game was at the La Junta Holiday Shootout, which was back in December. That’s was 20 games ago.

After losing to Del Norte (who also made the tournament) by a score of 56-39 in the consolation semifinals at the Holiday Shootout, the Lady Lions went on a tear. 19 games later and here they are again, same tournament different venue.#7 seed Swink will take on the #2 seed Paonia Lady Eagles today at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado. Tip off is set for 4:00pm.

Last year Swink came to “The Dance” with an 18 game win streak. But that was 2016, its 2017 and the Lions are looking to show the state of Colorado that they mean business. Led by Sophomore Brianna Denton (14.2 ppg & 5.4 rpg) the ladies are looking to be the next “Cinderella”. And it’s March so why not let a little madness commence.

I had a chance to interview Sophomore Tierra Holland about what it means to go to the State Tournament both years of high school, along with how things have changed from last year.

You’ve gone to state both years of high school. How does it feel to be back-to-back champions in the Santa Fe League, District 6 & the Region?

Tierra: It feels really good! I’ve been very proud of my team! Last year we were really good, but this year we are outstanding! We play Paonia our first game out at state, and if we come out and play this years Swink Girls Basketball it’ll be a great game! Every team is beatable and it would be the best thing ever, if we are #1 in the League and got #1 and districts and regionals and made it on farther this year! I say let’s show people what a small town like Swink can do at a State Tourney!

Being a starter on varsity in your sophomore year is a great accomplishment. What has changed in you from last year to this year?

Tierra: We’ll last year I didn’t really know if my favorite sport was volleyball or basketball and I loved basketball, but I didn’t try as hard.. until this year, I knew what I wanted to do and accomplish this year! I believe that basketball is my sport, and I just love how my coaches push me to be the best player and teammate I can be!

Any words for the fans?

Tierra: Just come and support us at state in Loveland and the more support we get/have the more confidence we will have! I really appreciate everyone parents, family, everyone who has supported us through everything! We play at 4pm at the Budweiser Event Center against Paonia and we need all the support we can get!

Action from the Budweiser Event Center tips off at 8:45am and runs all night. Catch Pat McGee with the call of the Swink/Fowler games Thursday thru (hopefully) Saturday. All the action can be heard on 92.1 FM KTHN, and See you in Loveland!

–Triple R

It’s Time To Go Dancing! Swink and Fowler Make State Tournament Field

The greatest time of the year is here. It’s time for the State Basketball Finals. The Swink Lady Lions and Fowler Grizzlies have made the “Great 8” in the 2A State Championships. Games will be played at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland. Both teams received the #7 seed and will face the #2 seeded team on Thursday. Anything is possible and numbers mean nothing when it’s March! Here’s the schedule for each bracket this weekend:


Thursday March 9th (Quarterfinals):

Game 1: #1 Yuma Lady Indians vs. #8 Ignacio Lady Bobcats: 43-18

Game 2: #4 Wray Lady Eagles vs. #5 Simla Lady Cubs: 66-25

Game 3: #2 Paonia Lady Eagles vs. #7 Swink Lady Lions: 55-44

Game 4: #3 Del Norte Lady Tigers vs. #6 Haxtun Lady Bulldogs: 59-44

Friday March 10th (COnsolation/Championship Semifinals):

Game 5 (Consolation): #5 Simla Lady Cubs vs. #8 Ignacio Lady Bobcats: 47-34

Game 6 (Consolation): #6 Haxtun Lady Bulldogs vs. #7 Swink Lady Lions: 49-36

Game 7 (Championship): #2 Paonia Lady Eagles vs. #3 Del Norte Lady Tigers: 49-48

Game 8 (Championship): #1 Yuma Lady Indians vs. #4 Wray Lady Eagles: 46-44

Saturday March 11th (5th & 3rd Place/Championship):

Game 9 (5th Place): #5 Simla Lady Cubs vs. #6 Haxtun Lady Bulldogs: 59-44

Game 10 (3rd Place): #1 Yuma Lady Indians vs. #3 Del Norte Lady Tigers : 46-40

Game 11 (Championship): #2 Paonia Lady Eagles vs. #4 Wray Lady Eagles: 59-42


Thursday March 9th (Quarterfinals):

Game 1: #2 Holyoke Dragons vs. #7 Fowler Grizzlies: 43-38

Game 2: #1 Sedgwick County Cougars vs. #8 Sanford Indians: 40-38

Game 3: #3 Del Norte Tigers vs. #6 Paonia Eagles: 45-37

Game 4: #4 Akron Rams vs. #5 Highland Huskies: 69-57

Friday March 10th (Consolation/Championship Semifinals):

Game 5 (Consolation): #3 Del Norte Tigers vs. #7 Fowler Grizzlies: 61-38

Game 6 (Consolation): #4 Akron Rams vs. #8 Sanford Indians: 71-46

Game 7 (Championship): #2 Holyoke Dragons vs. #6 Paonia Eagles: 64-63

Game 8 (Championship): #1 Sedgwick County Cougars vs. Highland Huskies: 58-33

Saturday March 11th (5th & 3rd Place/Championship):

Game 9 (5th Place): #3 Del Norte Tigers vs. #4 Akron Rams: 47-46

Game 10 (3rd Place): #5 Highland Huskies vs. #6 Paonia Eagles: 60-53

Game 11 (Championship): #1 Sedgwick County Cougars vs. #2 Holyoke Dragons: 44-41

See you at the Budweiser Event Center!

–Triple R

RMAC Shootout Preview: #3 CSU-Pueblo Thunderwolves vs. #6 Colorado Christian Cougars

It’s the last day of February which means its “March Madness” time. Tonight we tip-off the college basketball playoffs with the RMAC Shootout Quarterfinals from Massari Arena. The #3 Thuderwolves host the #6 Cougars in Men’s action. Here’s how each team stacks up headed into the matchup:

#6 Colorado Christian COugars

  • (14-14) Overall, (11-11) in RMAC
    • (7-8) on the road this season
    • 7th in RMAC Men’s Standings (Earned #6 seed due to Westminster’s ineligibility in postseason)
  • Being outscored by opponents 2,318-2,293
  • (2-3) in Last 5 Games
    • Lost to Colorado Mines 89-76
    • Defeated Adams State 74-73
    • Lost to CSU-Pueblo 87-79
    • Defeated Metro State 88-77
    • Lost to UCCS 79-68
  • Offense is averaging 81.9 points/game, Defense allows 82.8 points/game
    • Leading scorer is Brett Brady (18.9 points/game)
  • Players to Watch For:
    • Brett Brady (Senior)
    • Ty McGee (Junior)

#3 Colorado State-Pueblo Thunderwolves

  • (19-8) Overall, (17-5) in RMAC
    • (10-2) at home this season
    • 3rd in RMAC Men’s Standings
  • Outscoring opponents 2,305-2,082
  • (4-1) in Last 5 Games
    • Defeated New Mexico Highlands 97-81
    • Defeated Westminster 85-69
    • Defeated Colorado Christian 87-79
    • Defeated Western State 89-75
    • Lost to Colorado Mesa 96-85
  • Offense is averaging 85.4 points/game, Defense allows 77.1 points/game
    • Leading scorer is Mark Williams (14.3 points/game)
  • Players to Watch For:
    • Rico Spikes (Senior)
    • Nelson Kahler (Senior)

These teams met twice this season with CSU winning the January 17th matchup 98-94, then the Thunderwolves took game 2 two weeks ago by a score of 87-79. You never know what will happen in NCAA Basketball, but tonight the Thunderwolves prevail and will move to the semifinals where they will meet either Fort Lewis or UCCS.

–Triple R