Month: September 2021

Friday Pick ‘Em (September 24, 2021)

We had a great week of picks with only 1 incorrect. A new week means a new Friday Pick ‘Em so lets get to it….


Record: 13-8

Last Week: 6-1


#3 Granada Bobcats (2-1, 0-1) @ Cheraw Wolverines (3-1, 1-0)

Series (Since 2004): Granada 3-0

Last Game: 10/30/2020 Granada 67-60

Last Week: Granada lost to #2 Cheyenne Wells 77-20, Cheraw defeated Kit Carson 56-0

Players to Watch: Dominic Coleman (Senior, Granada), Braeden Harris (Junior, Cheraw)

Prediction: The Wolverines broke a 13 loss streak to Kit Carson last week, while the Bobcats are coming off a disappointing week at #1 in the CHSAA poll. The last game between these two was a shootout and decided the league champion. Same thing here with another great game. Granada 54-50



LAs animas Trojans (1-2, 0-1) @ Fowler Grizzlies (2-1, 1-0)

Series (Since 2004): Fowler 6-0

Last Game: 11/1/2019 Fowler 62-6

Last Week: Las Animas lost to Hoehne 52-20, Fowler defeated McClave 42-8

Players to Watch: Caden Morlan (Senior, Las Animas), Erick Hernandez (Junior, Fowler)

Prediction: Fowler looks to go 2-0 in the Ark Valley, and possibly take another league championship. Las Animas looks to bounce back from a huge loss last week. Fowler 54-0


Crowley COunty Chargers (1-2, 0-1) @ McClave Cardinals (2-1, 0-1)

Series (Since 2004): Crowley County 1-0

Last Game: 10/16/2020 Crowley County 59-12

Last Week: Crowley County lost to Wiley 30-14, McClave lost to Fowler 42-8

Players to Watch: Dillon Buford (Junior, Crowley County), Ayden Gomez (Junior, McClave)

Prediction: Both teams are looking to pick up a much needed league win here. Falling to 0-2 pretty much puts you out of contention…McClave 34-12



Rocky Ford Meloneers (0-3) @ #3 FLorence Huskies (4-0)

Series (Since 2004): Florence 3-0

Last Game: 10/16/2020 Florence 48-6

Last Week: Rocky Ford lost to CSCS 46-0, Florence defeated #4 Holyoke 35-16

Players to Watch: Dezmon Reyes (Junior, Rocky Ford), Jian Aguilar (Senior, Florence)

Prediction: The Meloneers have had a hard time cracking Florence the last 3 meetings, begin outscored 108-18. Rocky Ford struggles tonight too, Florence 45-6

Friday (Well Thursday) Pick ‘Em (September 16, 2021)

Another off week for us in Week 3 of the season, we carry a .500 record into Week 4. But on the upside we have a full slate of 7 games this week for you. And for the first time in a while we have no ranked teams from the Arkansas Valley. So let’s get to it, here is this week’s Friday…wait its Thursday…Pick ‘Em


Record: 7-7

Last Week: 2-3


Cheraw Wolverines (2-1) @ Kit Carson Wildcats (0-3)

Series (Since 2004): Kit Carson 13-0

Last Game: 9/26/2019 Kit Carson 61-20

Last Week: Cheraw defeated Walsh 46-12, Kit Carson lost to #2 Cheyenne Wells 69-6

Players to Watch: Cade Phillips (Junior, Cheraw), Danial Arnold (Senior, Kit Carson)

Prediction: Cheraw has not won a game against Kit Carson in the last 13 attempts. Kit Carson is having an off year. The Wolverines end the streak this week. Cheraw 56-6.



Wiley Panthers (0-0) @ Crowley County Chargers (1-1)

Series (Since 2004): First Meeting

Last Game: First Meeting

Last Week: Both teams with off weeks

Players to Watch: Riley Comer (Senior, Wiley), Tach Brewer (Senior, Crowley County)

Prediction: Wiley was struck with tragedy last week as they lost 4 of their own in an auto accident. So they have a little extra something behind them to get them going….Upset Alert in Ordway. Wiley 35-22


Fowler Grizzlies (1-1) @ McClave Cardinals (2-0)

Series (Since 2004): Fowler 3-2

Last Game: 10/30/2020 Fowler 66-0

Last Week: Fowler lost to #9 Akron 41-0, McClave defeated Dolores Huerta 56-26

Players to Watch: Jake Manchego (Junior, Fowler), Aiden Martinez (Junior, McClave)

Prediction: Fowler had a wake up call last week with the blowout loss to Akron, and McClave comes in undefeated. It’s a battle and slugfest in Southeast Colorado. Fowler 35-28


Hoehne Farmers (1-1) @ LAs Animas Trojans (1-1)

Series (Since 2004): Hoehne 3-1

Last Game: 4/23/2021 Hoehne 58-0

Last Week: Las Animas defeated Sargent 20-6

Players to Watch: Dario Vezzani (Junior, Hoehne), Markus Vigil (Senior, Las Animas)

Prediction: This is the second meeting between these two this calendar year as they both played in the spring. Hoehne had the upper hand then and it stays that way. Farmer 45-21


Dolores Huerta Scorpions (1-1) @ Swink Lions (1-1)

Series (Since 2004): Swink 1-0

Last Game: 10/24/2020 Swink 22-16

Last Week: Dolores Huerta lost to McClave 56-26

Players to Watch: Alejandro Lopez (Senior, Dolores Huerta), Garlon Guerin (Junior, Swink)

Prediction: Last time these two got together it was a fight for the win. This time I expect nothing less. Swink 35-28


Colorado SPrings Christian Lions (0-2) @ Rocky Ford Meloneers (0-2)

Series (Since 2004): CSCS 3-0

Last Game: 10/30/2020 CSCS 49-0

Last Week: Rocky Ford lost to Rye 15-6

Players to Watch: Caleb Smith (Senior, CSCS), Luis Sarmiento (Senior, Rocky Ford)

Prediction: Rocky Ford. Melon Field. Homecoming. Need I say more? Meloneers 21-14



La JUnta Tigers (1-2) @ Salida Spartans (0-3)

Series (Since 2004): La Junta 4-2

Last Game: 11/10/2018 La Junta 20-0

Last Week: La Junta lost to Alamosa 42-6, Salida lost to Manitou Springs 10-6

Players to Watch: Jeremiah Martinez (Junior, La Junta), Brewer Matthews (Senior, Salida)

Prediction: The last time these two met it was in the playoffs 3 years ago. They met again this week with both teams having down years. Tigers roll 35-14

Friday Pick ‘Em (September 10, 2021)

Week 2 was a much better week for us as we went 3 for 3 on picks. A 5-game slate of #ArkValleyFootball is coming your way this weekend, so let’s dig right in. Here’s this week’s Friday Pick ‘Em

Friday Pick ‘Em

Record: 5-4

Last Week: 3-0


Walsh Eagles (1-1) @ Cheraw Wolverines (1-1)

Series (Since 2004): Walsh 5-2

Last Game: 10/23/2020 Cheraw 54-24

Last Week: Walsh defeated Cotopaxi 24-18, Cheraw defeated Mountain Valley 55-18

Players to Watch: Leyton Jones (Sophomore, Walsh), Tim Provost (Freshmen, Cheraw)

Prediction: Cheraw is riding high coming into this game, Walsh…the same. Both with big wins last week to get back to .500, but in this one its all Wolverines. Cheraw 52-34.



#8 Fowler Grizzlies (1-0) @ Akron Rams (2-0)

Series (Since 2004): Akron 5-3

Last Game: 9/13/2019 Fowler 52-6

Last Week: Akron defeated #9 Holly 36-30

Players to Watch: Erick Hernandez (Junior, Fowler), Ryan McCaffrey (Sophomore, Akron)

Prediction: Perennial playoff teams meet once again, Akron comes in off an upset win while Fowler had two weeks to prepare. It’s going to be a slugfest. Fowler 35-28


LAs Animas Trojans (0-1) @ Sargent Farmers (1-1)

Series (Since 2004): Sargent 5-1

Last Game: 9/11/2009 Lost 28-8

Last Week: Las Animas lost to Swink 52-14, Sargent defeated Springfield 24-18

Players to Watch: Caden Morlan (Senior, Las Animas), Tyler Chapman (Freshmen, Sargent)

Prediction: 12 years to the date and these two teams meet again. Last time was in the 11-man ranks, now its 8-man. Small town homecoming action coming your way. Sargent rolls 45-7



Rocky Ford Meloneers (0-1) @ Rye Thunderbolts (1-1)

Series (Since 2004): Rye 8-5

Last Game: 9/20/2019

Last Week: Rye lost to #8 Holyoke 41-9

Players to Watch: Luis Sarmiento (Senior, Rocky Ford), Dylan Hurne (Sophomore, Rye)

Prediction: A rivalry renewed. Rocky Ford has two weeks to prepare, but Rye is always solid. Thunderbolts 28-7.



Alamosa Mean Moose (1-1) @ La Junta Tigers (1-1)

Series (Since 2004): La Junta 9-3

Last Game: 10/30/2020 La Junta 42-12

Last Week: Alamosa defeated 1A Monte Vista 32-14, La Junta defeated Pagosa Springs 46-0

Players to Watch: Kasey Jones (Junior, Alamosa), Luke Garner (Sophomore, La Junta)

Prediction: For the past 11 years these teams have met (twice in 2015). La Junta has the upper hand in the series, and they have the upper hand in this game. Tigers 35-7