Month: February 2020

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (Championship Finals)

ITS TIME! Championship Finals are now….

106Michael Romero (Swink) def. Benny Carlos Gonzales (Rocky Ford)Major Decision 15-1
113Dillon Buford (Crowley County) def. Tatum White (Swink) Fall 3:18
120Michael Maldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Alberto Felthager (Trinidad) Fall 3:58
126Oran Huff (Lyons) def. Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford)Fall 1:25
132Christian Keller (Lyons) def. Quinton Venard (Rocky Ford)Fall 2:41
138Clint Brown (Peyton) def. Santino Mendoza (Rocky Ford) Fall 5:49
145David Gardner (Lyons) def. Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford)Decision 5-1
160Jadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Matthew Mendoza (Swink)Decision 11-4
170Adam Schulz (Crowley County) def. Grayden Flint (Holly)Fall 3:18
182Jaime Ibarra (County Line) def. Ignacio Perez-Rodriguez (Rocky Ford)Fall 2:31
195Karson Bean (Lyons) def. Jadon Harris (Crowley County)Fall 2:34
220Jesse Tapia (Rocky Ford) vs. JJ Horn (Fowler) Decision 5-0
285Chance Wiening (Trinidad) def. Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford)Fall :40

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (5th & 3rd Place)

Spots on the podium are up for grabs Who ends up where? Follow along with us as we track the 5th & 3rd Place matches:

113Daniel Warkentine (Peyton) def. Fernando Salazar (Fowler)Injury Default5th
113David Duran (Rocky Ford) vs. Jason Tafoya (Trinidad)Fall 4:233rd
120Mike Lopez (Ellicott) def. Cutler Hampton (Fowler)Fall 2:305th
120Alex Torres (Las Animas) vs. Lane Wilfong (Peyton)Fall 2:383rd
126Levi Hancock (Baca County) def. Jordan Anaya (Las AnimasDecision 4-35th
126Robert Warkentine (Peyton) def. Case Buford (Crowley County) OT Decision 4-23rd
132Iley Tuttle (Peyton) def. Jed Garcia (Swink) Decision 7-25th
138Boyd Rogers (Fowler) def. Alex Closson (Calhan)Decision 7-35th
138 Tach Brewer (Crowley County) def. Dequlyn Keller (Lyons)Fall 3:303rd
152Tanner Howells (Crowley County) def. David Medina (Rocky Ford) Fall 4:50
160Zach Auchterlonie (Crowley County) def. Wyatt Walts (Kiowa) Injury Default5th
160Logan Odell (Lyons) def. Orin Carnes (Fowler) Fall 2:473rd
170Isiah Garcia (Rocky Ford) def. Jackson Firebaugh (Peyton) Decision 4-23rd
182Justin Wright (Baca County) def. Sam Parker (Crowley County)Fall 2:043rd
195Davis Shults (Simla) def. Ricardo Rocha (Rocky Ford)Fall 1:595th
285Garrett Roberts (Lyons) def. Jasper Smith (Fowler)Fall 5:185th

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (Consolation Semifinals)

Follow along with us to see who is wrestling for 5th and who wrestlers for 3rd. The Consolation Semifinals are now:

113David Duran (Rocky Ford) def. Daniel Warkentine (Peyton)Decision 7-0
113Jason Tafoya (Trinidad) def. Fernando Salazar (Fowler)Injury Default
120Alex Torres (Las Animas) def. Cutler Hampton (Fowler)Fall 2:39
126Case Buford (Crowley County) def. Jordan Anaya (Las Animas)Fall 1:33
132William Wood (Ellicott) def. Jed Garcia (Swink)Fall 2:35
138Dequlyn Keller (Lyons) def. Boyd Rogers (Fowler) Fall 1:56
138Tach Brewer (Crowley County) def. Alex Closson (Calhan) Major Decision 14-2
152Tanner Howells (Crowley County) def. Cade Zordel (County Line) Decision 4-1
152David Medina (Rocky Ford) def. Jeffrey Robinson (Trinidad)Fall 1:17
160Orin Carnes (Fowler) def. Wyatt Walts (Kiowa)Fall 4:11
160Logan Odell (Lyons) def. Zach Auchterlonie (Crowley County) Fall :51
170AJ Wilk (County Line) vs. Isiah Garcia (Rocky Ford)Decision 7-2
195Brooks Jones (County Line) def. Ricardo Rocha (Rocky Ford)Fall 3:57
285Chase Stollzenberger (County Line) def. Jasper Smith (Fowler) Fall 1:40

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (3rd Round Consolation)

Win or go home here. Follow along with us for the 3rd Round Consolations:

106 Hunter Powell (Lyons) def. Jayce Bauer (Crowley County)Fall 1:40
120Cutler Hampton (Fowler) def. Cooper Clark (Calhan)Fall 2:32
126Jordan Anaya (Las Animas) def. John Rocha (Swink) OT Decision 3-2
132 Jed Garcia (Swink) def. Isaiah Camacho (Crowley County) Decision 5-3
138Garlon Guerin (Swink) vs. Dequlyn Keller (Lyons)Fall 1:44
145 Ricardo Vidales (Kiowa) def. JoAllen Baker (Crowley County) Fall 2:10
152Cade Zordel (County Line) def. Darek Scarborough (Fowler) Fall 1:58
160Zach Auchterlonie (Crowley County) def. Tanner Natelli (Ellicott)Major Decision 19-7
195Ricardo Rocha (Rocky Ford) def. Jon Rosales (Holly)Decision 4-0
285Jasper Smith (Fowler) vs. Hayden Williams (Ellicott)Fall 2:38

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (Championship Semifinals)

Who is wrestling for a Region 4 Championship. Follow along with us for the Championship Semifinals here:

Weight MatchupResult
106Michael Romero (Swink) def. Ty Michael (County Line)Fall 1:13
106Benny Carlos Gonzales (Rocky Ford) def. Chris Montoya (Trinidad) Fall 1:34
113Tatum White (Swink) def. David Duran (Rocky Ford) Decision 7-4
113Dillon Buford (Crowley County) def. Fernando Salazar (Fowler)Major Decision 11-2
120Alberto Felthager (Trinidad) def. Alex Torres (Las Animas)Fall 4:47
120Michael Maldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Lane Wilfong (Peyton) Fall 5:26
126Oran Huff (Lyons) def. Case Buford (Crowley County) Fall 1:30
126Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford) def. Robert Warkentine (Peyton)Decision 2-1
132Iley Tuttle (Peyton) vs. Quinton Venard (Rocky Ford)Fall 1:35
138Santino Mendoza (Rocky Ford) def. Boyd Rogers (Fowler) Fall 3:59
138Clint Brown (Peyton) def. Tach Brewer (Crowley County)Decision 5-1
145Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford) def. Aiden Michael (County Line) Decision 5-2
152Ethan Burns (Holly) def. David Medina (Rocky Ford)Decision 5-1
152Colton Murray (Peyton) def. Tanner Howells (Crowley County) Decision 9-2
160Jadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Orin Carnes (Fowler) Fall 4:58
160Matthew Mendoza (Swink) def. Logan Odell (Lyons) Decision 9-1
170Adam Schulz (Crowley County) def.. Jackson Firebaugh (Peyton)Injury Default
170Grayden Flint (Holly) def. Isiah Garcia (Rocky Ford) OT Decision 2-1
182Jaime Ibarra (County Line) vs. Sam Parker (Crowley County)Fall :38
182Ignacio Perez-Rodriguez (Rocky Ford) def. Justin Wright (Baca County)Decision 6-2
195Jaden Harris (Crowley County) def. Zak Cobb (Peyton) Fall 3:04
220Jesse Tapia (Rocky Ford) def. Taite Johnson (County Line)Fall 1:48
220 JJ Horn (Fowler) def. Jacob Armijo (Trinidad)Fall 2:34
285Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford) def. Chase Stolzenberger (County Line)Decision 3-1

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (2nd Round Consolation)

Follow along with us for the second round consolation at the 2020 Class 2A Region 4 Wrestling Tournament

126John Rocha (Swink) def. Isaiah Bowman (Trinidad) Fall 4:38
126Jordan Anaya (Las Animas) def. Heath Edinger (Ellicott)Decision 5-3
132Jed Garcia (Swink) def. Noah Keaton (Kiowa)Fall 2:41
132Kolby Wolf (Las Animas) def. Tate Krentz (County Line)Fall 2:33
138Garlon Guerin (Swink) def. Gabe Costilla (Ellicott)Fall 2:51
145Cary Choate (Simla) def. Robert Roe (Fowler)Fall 2:24
285Jordan Mast (Calhan) vs. Jasper Smith (Fowler)Fall :15

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (Championship Quarterfinals)

Follow along with us for the Championship Quarterfinals of the 2A Region 4 Wrestling Tournament here:

106Michael Romero (Swink) def. Jayce Bauer (Crowley County)Fall 3:11
106Benny Carlos Gonzales (Rocky Ford) Jaden Murphy (Simla) Fall 1:10
113David Duran (Rocky Ford) def. Jason Tafoya (Trinidad)Decision 4-2
113Tatum White (Swink) def. Xander Keelick (Lyons) Fall 2:41
113Dillon Buford (Crowley County) def. Daniel Warkentine (Peyton)Major Decision 14-2
113Fernando Salazar (Fowler) def. Brenden Reifschneider (County Line) Fall 1:21
120Alex Torres (Las Animas) def. Mike Lopez (Ellicott) Fall 5:30
120Lane Wilfong (Peyton) def. Cutler Hampton (Fowler)Fall 3:40
120Michael Maldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Cooper Cook (Calhan) Fall :28
126Case Buford (Crowley County) def. Levi Hancock (Baca County) OT Decision 11-9
126Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford) def. Jordan Anaya (Las Animas)Fall 5:57
126Robert Warkentine (Peyton) def. John Rocha (Swink)Fall 2:22
132Iley Tuttle (Peyton) def. Jed Garcia (Swink)Fall 2:26
132Quinton Venard (Rocky Ford) def. Isaiah Camacho (Crowley County) Fall 3:09
138Santino Mendoza (Rocky Ford) def. David McMillan (Holly)Fall 1:47
138Boyd Rogers (Fowler) def, Alex Closson (Calhan) Fall 3:57
138Tach Brewer (Crowley County) def.. Dequlyn Keller (Lyons)Fall 3:19
138Clint Brown (Peyton) def. Garlon Guerin (Swink) Fall 1:21
145Aiden Jack (Calhan) def. JoAllen Baker (Crowley County)Fall 2:30
145Aiden Michael (County Line) def. Robert Roe (Fowler)Tech Fall 15-0
145Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford) def. West Hart (Peyton) Fall 1:09
152Ethan Burns (Holly) def. Darek Scarborough (Fowler)Fall :54
152David Medina (Rocky Ford) def. Cade Zordel (County Line) Fall 2:46
152Tanner Howells (Crowley County) def. Jeffrey Robinson (Trinidad)Tech Fall 15-0
160Jadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Angel Soto Delgado (County Line)Fall 2:52
160Orin Carnes (Fowler) def. Zach Auchterlonie (Crowley County) Fall 2:19
160Matthew Mendoza (Swink) def. Chance Claman (Peyton) Fall 1:43
170Adam Schulz (Crowley County) def. Adam Wilson (Ellicott)Fall 1:44
170Isiah Garcia (Rocky Ford) def. Wyatt Bashor (Lyons)Major Decision 12-0
195Jaden Harris (Crowley County) def. Ricardo Rocha (Rocky Ford) Fall 3:06
220JJ Horn (Fowler) def. Omar Hernandez (Simla) Major Decision 11-2
285Samuel Leary (Peyton) def. Jasper Smith (Fowler) Fall :55
285Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford) def. Garrett Roberts (Lyons) Fall 5:09

Regional Wrestling Tournament Results (Preliminary Round)

Here we go, postseason wrestling time! The 2A Region 4 Wrestling Tournament gets under way from “The Pit” at Otero Junior College today. Follow along with us here for the Preliminary Round:

Regional Wrestling Results (Preliminary Round)

Weight MatchupResult
126Case Buford (Crowley County) def. Heath Edinger (Ellicott) Decision 4-1
126Jordan Anaya (Las Animas) def. Zach Frye (Kiowa) Fall :50
126John Rocha (Swink) def, Jonathan Mikita (Calhan)Fall :09
132Iley Tuttle (Peyton) def. Kolby Wolf (Las Animas)Fall 1:08
132Jed Garcia (Swink) def. Diego Enciso (Holly) Fall 2:52
132Quinton Venard (Rocky Ford) def. Dale Drew (Calhan) Fall 1:56
145Joziah Maestas (Rocky Ford) def. Roque Torres (Holly)Fall :49
Results from the Preliminary Round of the 2020 2A Region 4 Wrestling Tournament