Top of the Rockies Invitational Results

First Round (Championship)

120lbsMichael Maldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Micah Kenney (Grand Junction)Major Decision 11-2
126lbsVince Cornella (Monarch) def.. Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford)Fall 2:42
132lbsColton Liddell (Alamosa) def. Quinton Venard (Rocky Ford)Fall 5:02
160lbsJadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Anthony Stack (Arvada West)Fall 4:39
220lbsJesse Tapia (Rocky Ford) def.. Brian Bruxvoort (Rocky Mountain)Fall 2:56

Second Round (Championship)

106lbsNoah Lopez (Erie) def. David Duran (Rocky Ford)Decision 12-5
120lbsMichael Maldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Brandon Reveles (Alamosa)Fall 5:53
152lbsKarter Johnson (Ponderosa) def. David Medina (Rocky Ford)Fall 2:12
160lbsJadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. William Sfat (Central Grand Junction)Fall 3:58
170lbs.Isiah Garcia (Rocky Ford) def. Sullivan Deherrera (Pueblo East) Decision 8-2
220lbs.Jesse Tapia (Rocky Ford) def. Josiah Aragon (Cheyenne East)Fall :37
285lbsPeyton Froman (Rocky Ford) def. Nelson Alas (Centaurus)Fall 1:31

Second Round (Consolation)

106lbsDavid Duran (Rocky Ford) def. Alleynah Ronnau (Cheyenne East)Major Decision 14-0
126lbs.Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford) def. Tatum Rivera (Pueblo East)Fall 2:17
132lbs.Max Franz (Cherry Creek) def. Quinton Venard (Rocky Ford)Fall :43
152lbs.David Medina (Rocky Ford) def. Gabe Lovato (Roosevelt) Decision 4-1

Third Round (Consolation)

106lbs.David Duran (Rocky Ford) def. Miguel Lopez (Fort Morgan)Decision 7-3
126lbsWill Loecke (Roosevelt) def. Joe Zamora (Rocky Ford)Fall :26
152lbsDavid Medina (Rocky Ford) def. Jarad Brann (Poudre)Decision 9-3

Quarterfinals (Championship)

120lbsRyan Kuykendall (Monarch) def. Michael Maldonado (Rocky Ford)Fall 1:17
160lbsGage Bernall (Pomona) def. Jadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford)Tech Fall (5:40) 17-1
170lbs. Nathan Fitzpatric (Monarch) def. Isiah Garcia (Rocky Ford)Decision 4-0
220lbs.Jesse Tapia (Rocky Ford) def. Adam Lynch (Legacy)Forfeit
285lbs. Tyler Carpenter (Broomfield) def. Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford) Fall :33

Fourth Round (consolation)

106lbsLance Johnson (Rocky Mountain) def. David Duran (Rocky Ford)Major Decision 15-3
120lbsTyler Gabaldon (Cleveland) def. Michael Maldonado (Rocky Ford)Decision 1-0
152lbsCade Pugh (Cheyenne East) def. David Medina (Rocky Ford)Fall 5:34
160lbsJadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Nathan Lundberg (Centarus)Major Decision 10-2
170lbsTiger Munoz (Cleveland) def. Isiah Garcia (Rocky Ford)Decision 4-1
285lbsPeyton Froman (Rocky Ford) def. Cole Martino (Pueblo County)Fall 2:15

Fifth Round (Consolation)

160lbsJadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Haegun Hoffschneide (Ponderosa) Decision 3-1
285lbs.Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford) def. Zach Biner (Brighton)UTB 3-2

Semifinals (Championship)

220lbsJesse Tapia (Rocky Ford) def. Austin Trujillo (Alamosa)Decision 3-2

Semifinals (Consolation)

160lbsJadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford) def. Diego Duarte (Pueblo East)Fall 1:23
285lbsRiley Butt (Rio Rancho) def. Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford)Fall 3:37

5th Place

285lbsJunious Gooden (Grand Junction) def. Peyton Froman (Rocky Ford)Fall 1:39

3rd Place

160lbsChase Engelhardt (Thompson Valley) def. Jadon Baldonado (Rocky Ford)Decision 5-1


220lbsJesse Tapia (Rocky Ford) def. Dylan BravoPacker (Brighton)Decision 8-5

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