Basketball is Finally Here! Opening Weekend Tournament Schedules (Boys)

With football season in the Arkansas Valley wrapped up we move to the hardwood as basketball season gets underway with teams beginning competition this week. Here we have the schedules for early season tournaments and will keep the, updates as games go final.


Trinidad State Junior College Invitational (Nov. 29-Dec. 1)

Quarterfinals (Thursday November 29th):

Game 1: Raton (NM) Tigers def. Hoehne Farmers 60-57 OT 

Game 2: John Mall Panthers def. Manzanola Bobcats 59-43

Game 3: La Junta Tigers def. Primero Bulldogs 52-32

Game 4: Kim/Branson Mustangs def. Trinidad Miners 52-40


Consolation/Championship Semifinals (Friday November 30th):

Game 5 (Consolation Semifinal): Primero Bulldogs def. Manzanola Bobcats 44-17

Game 6 (Consolation Semifinal): Hoehne Farmers def. Trinidad Miners 48-39

Game 7 (Championship Semifinal): La Junta Tigers def. John Mall Panthers 61-42

Game 8 (Championship Semifinal): Kim/Branson Mustangs def. Raton (NM) Tigers 67-58


7th/5th/3rd Place & Championship (Saturday December 1st):

Game 9 (7th Place): Manzanola Bobcats vs. Trinidad Miners 10:30am

Game 10 (5th Place): Primero Bulldogs def. Hoehne Farmers 42-39

Game 11 (3rd Place): John Mall Panthers vs. Raton (NM) Tigers 6:00pm

Game 12 (Championship): La Junta Tigers def. Kim/Branson Mustangs 63-41

Sangre de Cristo Thunderbird Shootout (Nov. 29-Dec 1)

Quarterfinals (Thursday November 29th):

Game 1: Creede Miners def. Custer County Bobcats 62-55

Game 2: Center Vikings def. Centennial Rams 60-25

Game 3: Cheraw Wolverines def. Antonito Trojans 64-22

Game 4: Sangre de Cristo Thunderbirds def. Dove Creek Bulldogs 78-19


Consolation/Championship Semifinals (Friday November 30th):

Game 5 (Consolation Semifinal): Centennial Rams def. Antonito Trojans 49-37

Game 6 (Consolation Semifinal): Custer County Bobcats def. Dove Creek Bulldogs 56-29

Game 7 (Championship Semifinal): Cheraw Wolverines def. Center Vikings 48-41

Game 8 (Championship Semifinal): Sangre de Cristo Thunderbirds def. Creede Miners  48-37


7th/5th/3rd Place & Championship (Saturday December 1st)

Game 9 (7th Place): Antonito Trojans vs. Dove Creek Bulldogs 9:40am

Game 10 (5th Place): Custer County Bobcats def. Centennial Rams 38-32

Game 11 (3rd Place): Creede Miners def. Center Vikings 63-58

Game 12 (Championship): Cheraw Wolverines vs. Sangre de Cristo Thunderbirds 7:40pm

Centauri Mountain Top Classic (Nov. 29-Dec. 1):

November 29th:

Montezuma Cortez Panthers def. Moffat County Bulldogs 82-53

Olathe Pirates def. Las Animas Trojans 70-30

Centauri Falcons def. Sargent Farmers 53-36


November 30th:

Montezuma Cortez Panthers def. Las Animas Trojans 93-32

Moffat County Bulldogs def. Sargent Farmers 62-55

Centauri Falcons def. Olathe Pirates 46-36


December 1st:

Montezuma Cortez Panthers def. Olathe Pirates 68-55

Sargent Farmers vs. Las Animas Trojans 1:00pm

Moffat County Cowboys def. Centauri Lady Falcons 54-37

Limon Invitational (Nov. 30-Dec. 1)

Semifinals (November 30th):

Game 1: Ignacio Bobcats def. Crowley County Chargers 52-38

Game 2: Limon Badgers def. Colorado Springs School Kodiaks 55-17


3rd Place/Championship (December 1st):

Game 3 (3rd Place): Crowley County Chargers vs. Colorado Springs School Kodiaks 2:30pm

Game 4 (Championship): Limon Badgers def. Ignacio Bobcats 63-46



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