1A Football League Scenerios

We are one week away from the conclusion of the 2018 High School Football season. There are a couple of leagues that still have no champion crowned, but that changes on Friday night.

Here’s a list of the League Champions crowned Friday/Saturday:

  • Centauri (Southern Peaks)
  • Meeker (Western Slope)
  • Peyton (Santa Fe)

Heres a list of the scenarios to decide the remaining  League Champions:

  • Platte Canyon win championship with win over Manuel
    • If that happens then Clear Creek is second with a win over Jefferson
  • If Clear Creek and Manuel both win then the two share the crown with Platte Canyon
  • If Platte Canyon and Jefferson win then Platte Canyon is champion and Manuel, Jefferson and Clear Creek all share second
North Central:
  • Limon clinches league championship with win over Holyoke
    • If that happens then Burlington is second regardless of how they fare against Wiggins
  • If Burlington and Holyoke both win they will share the crown with Limon
  • Strasburg clinches league title with win over Cornerstone Christian
    • If that happens then Highland is second with a win over Estes Park
  • If Cornerstone Christian and Highland both win they will share the title with Strasburg
  • If Strasburg and Estes Park both win then Strasburg is champion and Cornerstone Christian, Highland and Estes Park will share second
  • Winner between Florence and Colorado Springs Christian is League Champion and loser is second

**Source: Colorado Preps (www.coloradopreps.com)**

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